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Cider Misconceptions

Episode: 5

Cider is becoming more popular than ever, but with this comes many misconceptions. Bust the myths of cider and understand more about it on this special segment. This program has been sponsored by Consider Bardwell Farm.

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Farnum Hill Ciders with Nicole LeGrand Leibon


This week on The Morning After, hosts Sari Kamin and Jessie Keifer are celebrating Cider Week! Kicking off the show with some crazy food news highlights including KFC Korea, European McDonald's, and a case against Denny's Restaurant before introducing the guest: Nicole LeGrand Leibon of Farnum Hill Ciders. Talking about how she got into the ...
Good Apple, Bad Seed… Cider

Good Apple, Bad Seed… Cider


This week on Fuhmentaboudit!, hosts Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett are in a full on celebration of Cider Week! Welcoming Devin Britton of Bad Seed Cider, he tells Christ and Mary how he and his business partner Albert Wilklow became involved in the cider business. As it turns out, Devin was always interested in home brewing and relays that before ...

Apples of Uncommon Character


On Eat Your Words, host Cathy Erway is getting into the spirit of Cider Week! Welcoming James Beard Award winner and author of the new book "Apples of Uncommon Character," Rowan Jacobsen, he and Cathy discuss that there is indeed life beyond Red Delicious, and even the Honeycrisp Apple. While supermarkets limit their offerings to a few waxy ...

Apple Talk with Steve Wood of Farnum Hill Cider


On The Farm Report, host Erin Fairbanks is getting into the spirit of Cider Week! Welcoming guest Steve Wood of Farnum Hill Cider to the program, he is noted as a great apple grower, bug and fungus expert, cider fermenter, blender, and advocate to fellow-orchardists. Talking to Erin about the evolution of the cider business including the ...

Serious Cider


The Cider party continues! Tune in to another cider-themed episode of Beer Sessions Radio as Jimmy Carbone is joined by Chris Lehault, Serious Eats cider writer, Michael McAvena of Virtue Cider, Josh Bernstein, author/journalist & George Motz, founder of the Food Film Festival. This week's cider chat is about the seriousness of the ...

It’s Too Sweet! Rare Apples & Cider Revolution


Published October 24th, 2014Running time: 5 MinutesBy Eliza LoehrThere are over 2,500 apple varieties grown in the US alone. Cider is taking over the beverage industry, and not just the sweet stuff. America is bringing Craft Cider to the top of the culinary ladder.
Cider Sessions 2014 / Cider Week NYC Preview

Cider Sessions 2014 / Cider Week NYC Preview


It's that time of year again! Tune into Beer Sessions Radio as it once again transforms into Cider Sessions Radio for Cider Week NYC 2014! There's an incredible panel of guests in the studio tasting a bevy of different ciders - all made from the Kingston Black varietal. Tune in and hear from Steve Wood of Farnum Hill Cider, Rowan Jacobsen, ...

Northeast Cider Craft


We joined cider makers from Aaron Burr, Eden, and Proper Cider at ciderWICK where they shared their philosophies on cider making with us. These artisans are looking at apples in an exciting new light. The outcome of which has been top-quality ciders that are set to reinvigorate cider's historical place in the American palette.By Laura del Campo