Karl Schatz and Margaret Hathaway live on Ten Apple Farm in Maine with their three daughters. Margaret is a writer; Karl is a photographer. Once they decided to make Maine their home and raise their family on a goat farm, they went all in–––for Maine. 

They were the two pillars behind the award-winning Maine Bi-Centennial Community Cookbook, published last summer. 

The cookbook was a smash –over 200 recipes from Maine-ers of all stripes, chock full of people, family, and all things Maine. Margaret Hathaway tell the story of how a community cookbook published in the heart of the Pandemic came to be the heart center of the state.Karl, a true Maine-r, will chime in with his own story of growing up Jewish in Maine with his great grandmother, Sadie the Kosher Caterer AKA"Cookie Nana"


Photo Courtesy of Karl Schatz.

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