This episode is one part of a two-part series about couples who farm together. Matthew is intimately familiar with the dynamics of building a life and stewarding the land with your significant other. In this episode and the next, he seeks out stories and advice from others. This week he talks to Warren and Keisha Cameron from High Hog Farm in Grayson, Georgia. This couple met on a dare and a few years later were presented with the opportunity for a fresh start when they fixed up a homestead and created a farm, which now primarily focuses on raising livestock for fiber. They talk about daily life and farm chores, as well as how they balance work and life together as a couple. Warren shares how he’s adapted from being a “city kid” to life on the farm, while Keisha talks about the therapeutic nature of their work. 

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Warren and Keisha Cameron

Photo Courtesy of 5 Acre Studios

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