This week, we’re exploring the creative strides being taken — both on the large-scale and individual-level — to avoid excess waste. Alicia Qian visits a driveway in San Jose, California that has become a hub for stocking up on vegetables and restoring community. Then, Tash Kimmell heads to Oakland, where a grocery store and cafe is using a circular economy model to promote sustainable shopping. In Brooklyn, Matan Dubnikov and Karina Peña-Andreatos explore how one restaurant created local partnerships to offset their food waste. And finally, we tune into a segment of Time for Lunch, to how to preserve vegetables with an easy pickling recipe. 

Further Reading:

Learn more about the Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting’s recent findings on consumerism and food waste here

Vinder is a marketplace that connects local food artisans direct to local consumers. The model is like Etsy meets Ubereats, but for hyperlocal food. To learn more about Sam Lillie and Vinder, visit their site here.

To learn more about zero-waste grocery shopping, visit MudLab’s site

Stay connected to Lighthouse through their website and Instagram, or visit the restaurant in Brooklyn or Nolita


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