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Democratic Mayoral Debate & Afropunk Fest

Episode: 10

On today’s episode of Nothing Urgent, Derek Evers and Christopher Robbins prepare for the night’s Democratic Mayoral Debate! Joining Derek and Chris in the studio is Aaron Short of City & State. Tune in to hear the cast discuss the individual candidates, and how they are appealing to various demographics. Hear about various controversies in the race, and why Aaron is much more interested in the comptroller vote. Later, Jocelyn Cooper calls from Brooklyn’s Afropunk Festival to talk about the history of the event, and how it serves as an opportunity to represent people of color in alternative music. How do Jocelyn and founder Matthew Morgan define ‘punk rock’? Find out on this week’s episode of Nothing Urgent! Thanks to our sponsor, Tekserve.

“The mayoral race is a panoply of mediocrity!” [5:10]

“I think the black vote and the seniors are going to be the key demographics in this primary.” [17:20]

Aaron Short on Nothing Urgent

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