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“Don’t be a wet NOODLE!” The NOODLE episode

Episode: 34

Spaghetti, Udon, Lo Mein, those things that old people grip onto in the pool. What do they all have in common? They are all noodles of course! Tune in for some bad noodle jokes, some noodle trivia, plus the surprising history of Lasagna in Ethiopia! Pasta is obvious people!

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“Satan’s Season”- The SUMMERisode!


Welcome to the burning lava hot hellscape of your dreams! No, it's not hell folks, it's pronounced summer, or summah if you're Ben Affleck, which you are. Sink your teeth into an heirloom tomato, and then get horny as we tell you all about your 25th favorite emoji according to science, the sexy little eggplant! So slick yourself up with baby ...
Life%27s a Banquet

Hasta la Pasta, Gravy!- The PASTAsode!


Mama Mia babes, it's a time for an extra saucy Ep of America's number one selling podcast! Join Nicole & Z as they tell the tales of Italy's finest, Chef Boyardee, and the sexy history of Puttanesca! So kiss your fingers and don't let that god damn meatball roll away from you, it's Life's a Banquet the pastacast! Heritage Radio ...
Life%27s a Banquet

Oceans 666- The Ocean Episode Part Deux!


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Life%27s a Banquet

The Ocean Called, They’re Running Out of Shrimp!- The Ocean Episode Part 1


Ahoy, mateys, and argh to you all! This week Nic and Z are deep diving into the great blue abyss. Nicole regales us with the tale of tuna, and spoiler alert, it's dolphin! So call Kevin Costner and tell him we're gonna need a bigger boat, it's Life's a Banquet the seacast!Heritage Radio Network is a listener supported nonprofit podcast ...
Life%27s a Banquet

“If We Knew You Were Coming, We’d Have Baked a Cake!”- The Baking Episode!


Ahoy babes! Gather round and grab a fist-full of buttery pound cake, and open your little ear holes as two middle aged women tell you all about Ben Affleck's back tattoo and the riveting history of baking powder! Guess what? It's made from ground up forks and knives! So grab yourself a dry scone and be careful not to choke on it, it's Life's ...
Life%27s a Banquet

Cheese Louise! Another Cheezy CHEESE-isode


Ahoy mouse community, this Buds for you! This week Nic & Z are talking fromage! Oui, it's true! Nic gets hysterical about Mac & Cheese, while Zahra taps into the wires of the Associated Press to bring you everything you need to know about Cheese and crime! So bake your self up a Brie and melt into this unhinged Ep, it's Life's a ...
Life%27s a Banquet

“You Have VD!”- A Belated Valentine’s Day-isode!


It's only 350 days until Valentine's Day...And that's why we are getting an early jump with our VD lovestravaganza! Buckle up, buttercups, for the gory story of the Valentine's Day massacre, and the worst possible foods to eat on a date if you want to get laid without soiling the bed. So crack into that box of Russel Stovers and pick out all ...
Life%27s a Banquet

“Did Somebody Say Oink?!”- The PIG Episode!


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