We asked Adrian Miller (A.K.A. The Soul Food Scholar) what is the most important and iconic soul food dish and his answer was: greens! 

Delicious, nutritious, and deeply steeped in history, we all agree that you’ve got to eat your greens. In addition to coming back to a conversation with Adrian Miller, Hannah and Harry are lucky enough to bring back one of our most beloved guests; Germaine Jenkins of Fresh Future Farm. 

As we look back on Black History Month it’s a great time to reflect and celebrate the many cultures and cuisines that our friends and neighbors of African descent can share. However, one month a year is truly not enough time to learn about and honor Black culture in America. So regardless of the time of year, let’s remember to be curious and open about our own history and the stories of folks around us. 

Stay tuned as we have another episode celebrating Black History Month coming up soon!


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For our dance break this episode, we used the beautiful version of the song Morrisson's jig - Leslie's march by Aislinn. License information here

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