Michael Davenport admits he is no dietician, but he believes that you can trust many of your cravings - if food smells good and looks good, your body is sending you a signal. When it’s cold, a hot hearty soup is just what you need. When it’s hot, a salad offers the cooling effect you’re looking for. In this episode, Michael provides a range of suggestions for seeking out color, texture and satisfaction in healthful food. 

Balance isn’t just about finding greens on your plate, what about reds or blues? When it comes to bread, we can all do better than sliced white bread - wheat, whole grain, rye and pumpernickel are all more flavorful. And while prunes make us giggle, they’re good for you and Michael has ideas for how to eat them soaked, in stews, or as a snack. 

The Shameless Chef


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