Kiki Aranita, founder of Poi Dog in Philadelphia is a scholar and an entrepreneur. After closing her beloved brick and mortar restaurant because of the pandemic, she has just launched a new line of Hawaiian style sauces, including Maui Lavender Ponzu and Chile Peppah Water. On Speaking Broadly, she describes the connection between academia and starting a new business:

"The Latin Greek Institute greatly informed who I am as a person, how I approach academia and how I pretty much approach anything. In the first four to five weeks, I learned the entire grammatical system of an ancient language, and then spent the following five weeks translating texts. Every single one of those days, I cried. It is the most soul destroying way of learning a language, but it is effective. So now, in order to start something new, I need to get all of the information and digest all of the materials, learn the language of whatever I'm getting into whether that's restaurants or making sauces. I need to become very fluent before I proceed."

Listen in for more on Kiki's life as a Hong Kong Handover Kid, Dad sourcing, Hawaiian families and more.

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Kiki Aranita

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