The pandemic has brought long standing issues of food access and insecurity to the forefront. While hunger and lack of access to affordable and healthful food is by no means a new problem, individuals and families are finding it harder than ever to put food on the table. 

In this episode, we’re taking a look at how non profit organizations, farmers, and individuals are offering growing expertise to their communities to empower more of us to grow our own food. Connecting eaters with farmers and their wealth of knowledge is an important pipeline to deepen our cultural understanding and ownership of the food we eat. 

We hear from Kathleen Finlay, the president of The Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming, and garden designer and co-host of We Dig Plants, Carmen DeVito. Plus we’re featuring an excerpt from Soul Fire Farm’s video series “Ask a Sista Farmer”, with their co-founder Leah Penniman and Julialynne Walker of Bronzeville Agricademy. 

Find Carmen’s video series here

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