All eyes are on election day. While the presidential election is dominating the headlines, down ballot races have the potential to transform state legislatures, county commissions, and city councils across the country.

In this episode, we focus on a state-level race in a district that includes a mix of urban and rural communities. John Ager serves in the North Carolina General Assembly, representing the 115th district in the state House of Representatives since 2015. He serves on the Agriculture Committee and comes from a farming background (his family owns and operates Hickory Nut Gap Farm). Rep. Ager speaks to Kat Johnson about this strange campaign season, his vision for agriculture and climate policy in North Carolina, and why a Democratic majority in the state’s House of Representatives would create an opportunity for him to push for the changes he envisions.

This is part one of our conversation with Rep. Ager. Part two will be recorded and air after the election on November 3rd.

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North Carolina

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