On today’s show, we welcome author, motivational speaker, and eating disorder advocate, Iris Ruth Pastor. Iris joins us to discuss her decades-long battle with eating disorders, how she saved her own life, and just what her amazing mantra, “preserving your bloom”, means to her. Iris is such a delight of a human, and we were so blown away, not only by her incredible life story, but also by her humor, humility, and warmth. We felt filled with positivity after talking with Iris, and as with all of our amazing guests, we felt as though we had truly made a new friend. Please check out Iris’ book, The Secret Life Of a Weight Obsessed Woman, and head over to her website, www.irisruthpastor.com to subscribe to her newsletter.


Iris Ruth Pastor: “I think it was mainly the inner turmoil of it, because I was doing motivational speaking, I had been writing a column for all those years and I would talk about everything and I would be very personal in my column, but I wouldn't talk about that. So I think that it didn't really hold me back. It didn't really hold me back, but I think it caused a lot of inner angst that had I hadn't had it, I would have been more peaceful.”

Zahra Tangorra: “Hmmm, I think we also don't talk often enough about the grief of having a secret. Yes, because having a secret is again alienating and it's one of those kind of things that makes us feel, like, I don't know if there's a worse feeling than feeling like nobody understands me or nobody can relate. It's feeling alone.”

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