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Episode: 18

Forty years ago Kermit Lynch seemed like an unlikely wine hero. A struggling musician with a fledgling handbag business no one, least of all himself, would have predicted his groundbreaking future as a wine importer and retailer in Berkley California. The American wine-drinking landscape has been forever changed by his work. Kermit is the recipient of two James Beard Awards and was knighted by the French government with their prestigious “Legion d’Honneur”. In 1988, Kermit wrote “Adventures on the Wine Route”, which many consider to be the best wine book on the business. Tune in to Evolutionaries to hear his story, in his words. This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards and Sons

“Of all the unsulfured wines I’ve imported, only one of them was 100% consistent.”
Kermit Lynch on Evolutionaries

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