In the time before COVID-19, Tommy Brockert had well established himself as a top-flight events photographer. As events and group gatherings ground to halt due to health and safety concerns, Tommy was forced to do the pandemic pivot. He’s temporarily hung up his cameras and photo booths, and fired up the portable pizza oven instead, turning a hobby into a job with the launch of La Sorted's Pop Up Pizzeria. La Sorted’s has quickly gained a cult following in Los Angeles as folks have clamored for Tommy’s creative pizza toppings and focaccia sandwiches.

In honor of La Sorted’s and the 2020 world champion LA Dodgers, we pop into our archives to revisit the musical performance from our first-ever show fully recorded in Los Angeles. The year was 2017, and we taped the show in our friend Cameron Parkins’ backyard home studio in West Hollywood. Our pal Ryan Kattner brought his tiny keyboard to play us songs from his solo project Honus Honus, whose debut album, Use Your Delusion, is a true love letter to the City of Angels. Ryan’s since gotten back to helming the band Man Man who released Dream Hunting in the Valley of the In-Between back in May to rave reviews, it’s their first full-length album in 7 years.

Snacky Tunes: Music is the Main Ingredient, Chefs and Their Music (Phaidon), is now on shelves at bookstores around the world. It features 77 of the world’s top chefs who share personal stories of how music has been an important, integral force in their lives. The chefs also give personal recipes and curated playlists too. It’s an anthology of memories, meals and mixtapes. Pick up your copy by ordering directly from Phaidon, or by visiting your local independent bookstore. Visit our site, for more info and to order your copy. It’s a perfect gift for the holidays.

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