This week’s guest is Tayo Oredola, the food photographer, recipe developer, and writer at

Originally from Nigeria, Tayo lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two kids. Her background is in software engineering but she is passionate about food and developing new recipes.

Her blog, Low Carb Africa, was born out of the desire to keep eating her traditional African dishes while maintaining her weight. African food by nature is loaded with carbs so Tayo had to get really creative in the kitchen and come up with low carb versions of her favorite dishes, without sacrificing on taste. Her dishes are usually bold, spicy, and mouth wateringly delicious!

When not in the kitchen, Tayo can be found watching movies with her kids or strumming on her guitar.

Get a free 7-day keto menu on Tayo’s site when you sign up for her newsletter at

Find Low Carb Africa on Instagram: @lowcarbafrica


Photo Courtesy of Tayo Oredola

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