Mike Schreiber loves leftovers because they remind him of the holidays. This episode is about just that: how to best put your leftovers to use, the joy of sharing them with others, and wishing everyone a happy and delicious holiday season. Next time you’re planning dinner but don’t feel like grocery shopping, Michael Davenport suggests testing your creativity and seeing what you can whip up with what’s already in the fridge. He encourages making more than enough food - if you’re baking cookies, double the recipe and give away half as a gift. When it comes to Christmas, if you’re anything like Michael the next day you’ll have multiple gravies and dressings, more than one pie, and several fruit cakes. He shares tips for how to use these ingredients and what to toss. In the final segment, Michael spreads the holiday spirit and wishes everyone the best on behalf of The Shameless Chef

Episode Art by Alicia Qian. 

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Episode Art by Alicia Qian