This week we are joined by Cake Designer, Baker and Writer, Monica O'Connell. Monica earned a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from New York University, and was executive director of the Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College in Chicago for eight years. She then pivoted in her professional life,and began to pursue her passion and creative calling as a Cake Baker and Designer. Monica has a deeply spiritual relationship with food, from the stunning cakes that she creates in her business, Curtis & Cake (@curtisandcake), to the foods she prepares in her personal life, to the nostalgia for the foods of her youth. She shares with us the different types of loss and grief that she has been dealing with this past year, including the very painful loss of her mother, and the non stop violence toward and murder of Black people in America. This was a deep and also very tender conversation, and we we’re so grateful to Monica for her generosity in sharing her experiences and emotions with us. Please check out Monica's breathtaking cakes on her Instagram page, @curtisandcake


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