This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is covering one of the best weeks of the year, NYC Beer Week! For the first part of the show, Jimmy welcomes Ann Reilly from the NYC Brewers Guild; Jim Betz from Coney Island Brewery in Brooklyn, NY; and Jeff Lyons from Endless Life Brewing in Brooklyn, NY. Then in the second half, Jimmy catches up with Kat Telesca and Vic Pitula from Coney Island Brewery; Meg Rickerson from Someday Bar NYC in Brooklyn, NY; and Fee Doyle from Beer Witch in Brooklyn, NY. 

Ann starts the conversation by highlighting the beer boxes created by the NYC Brewers Guild, both as a way to celebrate beer week and also share NYC beer with customers outside of the city. Jim gets everyone excited about the special beer Coney Island Brewing is featuring in a beer box, and also explains how they are supporting the NYC Hospitality Alliance. Ann then offers us an update on the state of NYC craft beer, and Jeff highlights a couple of special moments from the past year. 

The second part of the show is all about the women. Opening her own bar just seven months before Covid-19 hit, Meg explains how the pandemic was a real crash course in bar ownership, forcing her to master everything from staple guns to small business loans. She also recently founded Save NYC Bars as a method to communicate the ripple effect that the pandemic has caused throughout the entire community. The gang all agrees that the history of beer is closely tied to women, and Kat, Vic, and Fee all chime in with interesting stories about the connection between beer, women, and witches. Finally, we hear about some exciting new beers and favorites, and Meg shouts out a special beer that supports lesbian-run bars, which is another underrepresented community that is struggling in the beer scene.

Ann Reilly of the NYC Brewers Guild

Photo Courtesy of Ann Reilly.

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