This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy welcomes Sam Richardson of Other Half Brewing and Brandon Hoy of Roberta’s Pizza. Both of these Brooklyn-born businesses are nearing the opening of new outposts in Williamsburg’s Domino Park. In the first half of the show, the guests dive into their establishments’ pasts and talk about how they have adjusted to Covid-19. In the second half they talk about their plans for Domino Park, what experimental beers Other Half is planning to brew there, and how the aesthetic of the development will affect their design plans. Plus, Sam delves deep into the hop varieties he’s excited to be brewing with and Brandon offers suggestions for Roberta’s pizzas to pair alongside Other Half’s hop-forward beers. 

Beer List
Other Half Brewing, Riwaka Chroma 
Right Proper Brewing, Baron Corvo
Schilling Beer, Alexandr 

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