This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy bridges the gap between wine and beer. Back on the show is Jake Endres from Crooked Run Brewing in Sterling, VA; Patrick Rue from Erosion Wine in Napa Valley, CA; and long-time Beer Sessions Radio favorite, BR Rolya.

Patrick kicks off the show with an introduction to Erosion Wine. With prior training as a Master Cicerone, Patrick brings craft beer methods to winemaking and explains the differences he witnessed between the beer and wine worlds. Back East in Virginia, Jake walks us through his mixed fermentation beers that are a part of Crooked Run’s Native Culture series, which aims to challenge people’s ideas of what beer can taste like. BR agrees that mixed fermentation opens the range of flavors you can get, and explains how the language to describe beer and wine flavors has evolved through time. 

Then, Jimmy poses a hot take about wine drinkers versus craft beer drinkers, and the gang walks us through their favorite food pairings. Even after diligent training, Patrick still maintains a lax approach to food pairings, and BR concludes that beer is much more forgiving than wine when looking for the right food-drink match. 

Drinks list:
Druplet from Crooked Run Brewing
Secret Handshake from Erosion Winery
De Ranke, Cantillon Brewery

The Floor is Lava! by Erosion Wine

Photo Courtesy of Erosion Wine.

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