Join us for a conversation with Sebastian & Guillermo, the duo behind acclaimed food photography studio SOGA Design Collective. SOGA Design Collective is a multidisciplinary design studio in Brooklyn, New York. The studio was conceived in Miami, Florida in 2008. SOGA makes music for your eyes. Their studio combines purposeful eclecticism and nuanced design to create colorfully charged compositions utilizing all disciplines. A Miamian at heart, Guillermo is a detail-oriented obsessive who seeks to inject color into everything he touches. Originally from Nicaragua, Sebastian was formally trained in architecture before stepping behind the lens. He believes design from scale to rhythm to function, is universal and can be applied to everything he generates (even chaos has order). Their client list includes Baldor Specialty Foods, (now, Burlap + Barrel, Ark Foods, Dig Inn, Fellow Barber and Murray’s Cheese among many others.

Why Food?

Image Courtesy of SOGA Design Collective

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