This week Zarela and Aarón go on a culinary tour of Baja California's Valle de Guadalupe with their guide, Colman Andrews.  Colman has been writing  about food and wine  for decades and is currently  a senior editor at 24/7 Wall St. He has traveled extensively throughout baja california, and his passion for the Valle de Guadalupe region  fuels our tour!

Together, they cover how wine came to the region for use in religious services, and the particular qualities of the grapes grown there.  They discuss the use of the term "Baja Mediterranean" to describe the region's blend of cuisines, and run through some of the culinary highlights, including: fish tacos, oysters, sea urchin tostadas, farmed tuna, and an interesting take on barbacoa. Finally, they each  share their experiences of the unique ecosystem that exists on the peninsula, and outline efforts underway to preserve it.

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Photo Courtesy of Isabelle Andrews

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