This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is following the grains trail from before the beer to way after. On the show is Tyler Fitzpatrick from Lamplighter Brewing Co. in Cambridge, MA; David Brand from Blue Ox Malthouse in Lisbon Falls, ME; and Kyle Fiasconaro from Brewer's Crackers in Somerville, MA. 

Kyle takes us back to his first memory noticing a dumpster full of spent grain left outside a brewery, coincidentally right across from a bakery. As a brewer, Tyler explains just how difficult it can be to handle spent grain, especially when you are in a city with limited space. According to Tyler, it’s every brewer's fantasy to have somebody easily take all the spent grain off your hands, and one day, Kyle made that a reality. 

Jimmy then takes it back to the beginning, having David walk us through a day in the life at the malthouse. David falls at the intersection between brewing and agriculture and is able to connect local brewers with regional farmers. David, Tyler, and Kyle explain just how much effort goes into the grain, and how much potential is still left over after the beer has been bottled or canned. Finally, the gang wraps up with a quick conversation about rye, and David predicts what we can expect from the next generation of “beer nerds.”

Drink list:
Orbiting Blue Ox- Wormtown Brewery
Dubliners- Lamplighter Brewing Co.

Kyle Fiasconaro of Brewer's Crackers

Photo Courtesy of Kyle Fiasconaro.

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