This week, Beer Sessions Radio is all about Vermont hops. On the show is Bob Grim and Sam Keane from Foam Brewers in Burlington, VT; and Julian Post and Max Licker from Champlain Valley Hops in Starksboro, VT. 

The conversation begins with all things hops. Julian introduces everyone to Vermont agriculture, explains just how niche the hop industry is, and wows the gang with some impressive hops statistics. Then, Bob and Sam offer a brewer’s perspective, emphasizing the importance of sourcing quality, local ingredients, and collaborating with your community to create a unique atmosphere within a brewery. For Bob and Sam, using local hops offers an exciting end result, with tropical, unexpected tasting notes people have never tried before. 

At the end of the evening, the gang asks Julian for a couple of short and long-term projections. Julian offers a preview into what he’ll be growing this season, and then also reflects on his biggest fear in the next ten years.

Champlain Valley Hops, Starksboro, VT

Photo Courtesy of Max Licker.

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