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Water Waste

Episode: 1

Food production, consumption, and waste takes up much more water than you’d think. A look at the interconnectedness of our food, water, and energy systems…and what’s being done to cut back on wasted H20.

by Talia Ralph

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Animal Meat Waste


Learn about what happens to meat byproducts without feeling bad about it.By Caitlin Pierce

Seeking Hide


In the second of our series on animal meat waste, we follow the journey of the first piece of the animal that is removed- the hide. Listen to the first episode of the animal meat waste series here.By Caitlin Pierce

Cafeteria Composting


Composting and recycling at school isn't just about eco-friendly waste diversion. It also provides students with a powerful lesson in sound environmental practice that they'll carry with them for the rest of their lives. The message is simple: what comes from the earth can be returned to enrich it, so it can provide for us again and again. ...

Food Dating Confusion


You may be surprised to discover that Americans waste 40% of our food. JonathanBloom, author of American Wasteland, reveals why food dating systems are so confusing andwhat we can do as individuals to lessen our cumulative amount of waste.
Food Waste (FW)

Don’t Try This At Home


You can't compost meat, but meat can be composted. Where meat ends up is becoming as important to customers as where meat comes from.FOOD WASTE (FW)By Caitlin Pierce

CA Conservation Pioneer


Napa not only set the precedent for California wine quality, but continues to lead the state in growing excellent grapes and producing excellent wines. But why? The character and quality of Napa's diverse wines is, in part, the result of the valley's ideal soil, topography, and climate.By Emma Hammond

Thirsty Vineyards


California is reeling from one of the driest years on record. The wine industry in Napa Valley and Sonoma County is trying hard to adapt. Smaller high-end vineyards and wineries are using the drought conditions to their advantage.By Meradith Hoddinot
Food Waste (FW)

Reducing Waste and Meeting the Bottom Line


Go inside school food on Inside School Food, a brand new show on Heritage Radio Network! Paying for the new school lunch on just six extra cents (yes, you heard that right) per meal: Gitta Grether-Sweeney, Director of Nutrition Services at Portland, OR Public Schools and Bertrand Weber, Director of Culinary and Nutrition Services for ...