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Water Waste

Episode: 14

Food production, consumption, and waste takes up much more water than you’d think. A look at the interconnectedness of our food, water, and energy systems…and what’s being done to cut back on wasted H20.

by Talia Ralph

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Cheese Tours Part 2


What could be better than a cheese tour? For cheese enthusiasts - it's worth every penny. On a travel themed episode of Cutting the Curd, Anne Saxelby and Greg Blais chat with Susan Sturman of Academie Opus Caseus and Chris George from Neal's Yard Dairy. Learn about some cheese farm tours, cheese professional meetups and the place American ...

The Cheese Test


A look at the ACS's Certified Cheese Professional Exam - what it is, its role in the cheese industry, who takes it, and why it does (or doesn't) matter...depending on who you ask.By Talia Ralph

Small Cheese Businesses


What does it look like when a small business scales up in the cheese world? This week's episode of Cutting the Curd answers that question, as host Anne Saxleby is joined by two guests who are in the middle of that process right now. First, hear from Kari Skibbie, Sales Director of Holland's Family Cheese and later in the show hear from Chris ...

Cheese Seasonality


In a world of industrialized dairy operations that produce milk all year, it may be surprising to find that the essential ingredient in making America's most awarded cheese, is the calendar.By Emma Hammond
Cheese Moves

Certification Program Controversy with Greg Blais


The cheese world is changing! Certain certification programs are evolving and there are more options than ever for aspiring cheesemongers looking to learn about the industry. With that, comes controversy. On this week's episode of Cutting the Curd, Anne Saxelby chats with cheesemonger Greg Blais of Eataly about certification programs, their ...

Cheesy Kickstarters


We're profiling some Cheesy Kickstarters this week on Cutting the Curd! Tune in as Anne Saxleby chats with Rynn Caputo about her successful Kickstarter campaign for Caupto Brothers Creamery. The Caputo Brothers Creamery's successful Kickstarter campaign helped them start an initiative to deliver their mozzarella curd to people's homes. This ...
Beer & Cheese with Jimmy Carbone & Greg Blais

Beer & Cheese with Jimmy Carbone & Greg Blais


What's better than beer & cheese? This week on Cutting the Curd, Anne Saxelby invites Jimmy Carbone, host of Beer Sessions Radio and Greg Blais, cheesemonger at Eataly for an on-air beer and cheese pairing and discussion! Tune in and learn how grains play into both cheese and beer - and what pairings work best. Tune in for this virtual ...

Moldy Cheese


What does a cheese cave feel and smell like? Why is mold on cheese a good thing? HRN's own Leah Eden goes spelunking in some modern cheese caves in order to get schooled on the importance of mold and humidity in the cheese-aging process. Thanks to our sponsor, The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.