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Week 8

Episode: 8

Ben Flanner teaches you how to build a greenhouse in New York City! In this week’s installment of the Rooftop Farmin Update with Ben Flanner, Ben explains to Erin Fairbanks all of the step required to create a rooftop greenhouse in the city. Hear about the architectural and legal considerations of the project. Find out what’s going down at the Navy Yards; tune into this segment to hear more from Ben and the Brooklyn Grange!

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Week 31

Week 31


Jack Inslee host this week's Rooftop Farming with Ben Flanner episode; tune in to hear Jack and Ben chat about the extended summer, and what that means for the Brooklyn Grange's harvest. What' surviving late into the season, and what will be prime picking in the next few weeks? Find out on this week's update!

Week 30


This week, Erin Fairbanks talks low tunnels with Ben on the Rooftop Farming Update with Ben Flanner. Find out what a low tunnel is, and how farmers use them to extend crop seasons and protect growth from cold temperatures.
Week 29

Week 29


It's time to harvest some peppers! This week on Rooftop Farming with Ben Flanner, Ben and Erin Fairbanks talk about making hot pepper sauce! Learn how to blend hot and sweet peppers in order to make a sauce for everyday use. Learn about preservation, and find out where you can pick up some of Brooklyn Grange's hot sauce!

Week 28


This week on Rooftop Farming with Ben Flanner, Ben checks in with Erin Fairbanks about the end of summer crops, and talks about preparing for fall with cover crops! Learn about the different seeding methods used on the Grange, and how different techniques offer varying germination rates. Find out what fall crops Ben and the gang will be ...
Week 27

Week 27


We're talking tomatoes on this week's episode of Rooftop Farming with Ben Flanner! Erin Fairbanks talks with Ben about harvesting season, and how different factors like rain and heat can alter the tomato fruit. What varieties are tasting the best at the Brooklyn Grange? Find out whether or not it is best to refrigerate a tomato, and learn how ...
Week 26

Week 26


On this week's Rooftop Farming Update, Erin Fairbanks checks in with Brooklyn Grange's beekeeping guru, Chase Emmons! Hear how Chase got involved with keeping bees as a life-long New Yorker, and learn about the unique flavor of urban honey! Make sure to check out the New York City Honey Festival at Rockaway Beach for some delicious honey from ...

Week 25


Find out what fruits and vegetables Ben Flanner is harvesting on this week's edition of The Rooftop Farming Update with Ben Flanner! Erin Fairbanks chats with Ben about the Grange's variety of tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, and cherries that Brooklyn Grange has been growing for the past several weeks! Head to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for some ...

Week 24


This week on the Rooftop Farming update, Ben Flanner of Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm reports on some new tools he's been using at the farm to make life easier! Find out about the grains dyer that he's using now that finds a balance between getting the job quickly but not bruising the grains."We're constantly testing new tools and look for ...