From coffee shops to cocktail bars, the world of beverages has been turned upside down by the pandemic. You can’t always drink what you want. And now, more than ever, you can’t always drink where you want. But even before Covid-19, transformations in the production line, farming practices, and workplace inclusivity have affected what we drink. 

In this episode, splash into the world of beverages – from the drinks we sip on to the places we imbibe. We’ll investigate the ways access, history, legislation, and simple circumstance may limit the beverages we consume. We’ll explore how to make the most of the ingredients lying around the dustiest of liquor cabinets. And for those who are tired of making at-home drinks, we’ll hear from a North Carolina state representative and bar owners about the state of to-go cocktails. We’ll learn about the future of the American craft cider industry and its potential to diversify the labor force backed behind it. Finally, we’ll delve into the increasingly popular caffeinated drink Yaupon, whose history tells a story of cultural resilience. 

Additional Resources

Check out John deBary’s flowchart and plenty more cocktail tips in his book, Drink What You Want. If you’re interested in learning more about non-alcoholic drinks, give Proteau a try. 

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Thirsty? Sip on some Yaupon Brothers American Tea

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