This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy welcomes guests from Asheville, North Carolina. He talks to Leah Wong Ashburn, the second generation family owner of Highland Brewing, which in 1994 was the first brewery to open in Asheville since prohibition. Mike Rangel from Asheville Brewing joins the conversation to share his memories of brewing in Asheville in the ‘90s and Vincent Tursi of DSSOLVR provides an alternative perspective as one of the newest breweries in the city. Leah talks about Highland’s flagship Gaelic Ale and discusses the importance of branding, while Vincent shares DSSOLVR’s strategy of ditching flagships altogether and brewing beers inspired by pop culture trends like Tiger King and WAP. Together, the group talks about the agriculture, community, and deep consumer knowledge that give Asheville its nickname as Beer City. 

Beer List
Asheville Brewing Company Ninja Porter
DSSOLVR, Thank You For Existing Kolsch 
Highland Brewing, Gaelic Ale 

Leah Ashburn

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