Eric Ripert

HRN Hall of Fame: Eric Ripert

Nominated by: Evolutinaries

Eric Ripert is the chef and co-owner of the acclaimed New York City restaurant Le Bernardin. His family instilled their own passion for food in him, and at the age of 15, Eric left home to attend culinary school in Perpignan, France. Ripert moved to New York in 1991, working briefly as David Bouley’s sous chef, before Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze recruited him as chef for Le Bernardin. Ripert has since firmly established himself as one of New York’s and the world’s great chefs. Ripert is also the Vice Chairman of the board of City Harvest, working to bring together top chefs and restaurateurs to raise funds and increase the quality and quantity of food donations to New York’s neediest. When not in the kitchen, Ripert enjoys good scotch, peace and quiet.

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