It’s been a whirlwind year for food innovation, and now it’s time to celebrate!

Come taste and explore the future of food with our community of entrepreneurs, makers, investors, media, executives and more at Food + Tech Connect’s Holiday Bash. Heritage Radio Network is a proud media partner for the event.

From cocktail bots and at-home aquaponics to edible insects and food holograms, this is going to be a party you won’t forget. Catch up with old friends, make new ones and get down and dirty with kick-ass startups disrupting the way we eat. We’ll have loads of nibbles, killer drinks, networking, surprises and, of course, holiday cheer.


Featured Innovators:

Anova: Anova is changing the way people cook through its hardware devices and software platform. Anova enables the home chef to easily create restaurant-like experiences. It is the first affordable, commercially available sous vide immersion circulator for the home chef.

AReality3D: AReality3D’s Holo Yummy makes it easy to create and share food holograms from everyday cuisine

Ark Reactor: Ark Reactor is a robotic fermentation system that produces personalized probiotics, including beverages, medicines, and fertilizers.

Bandar Foods: Bandar Foods reimagines authentic Indian flavors for everyday American eating occasions through its Indian-inspired condiments and Naan Chips.

Edenworks: Edenworks is creating the future of farming: data-driven urban food infrastructure. It designs, builds, and operates a network of automated rooftop aquaponic farms, providing organic and sustainable seafood and produce to local food service businesses.

Exhibit C.: EXHIBIT C. is a fresh culinary event space powered by Chef Daphne Cheng and a curated community of talented chefs. It host classes, dinners, and events celebrating food, especially haute vegetable cuisine, and the many ways it influences our culture.

Exo: Exo is the market leader in insect-based protein – a revolutionary and sustainable alternative protein source. Exo’s all-natural cricket-flour protein bars are developed by a three-Michelin-star chef and are made with simple, whole ingredients.

food360: food360 is a food + innovation design caterer offering high-end food performance experiences.

Foodpairing: Foodpairing® is a creative food-tech agency that has developed one of the world’s largest ingredient and flavor databases and a series of unique algorithms capable of calculating the world’s best surprising and novel food & drink pairings.

Grove: Grove builds beautiful products to make local, healthy food accessible to everyone on the planet.

Homemade: Homemade is a way to connect people through food. It is a platform for cooks to share their meals and story with the community.

Misfit Juicery: MISFIT Juicery makes cold-pressed juice out of fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste either because they are excess or don’t meet the high aesthetic standards of commercial retailers.

Ox Verte: Ox Verte is a forward-thinking food seasonal catering startup that caters to the health-conscious and hungry alike.

Radicle Farm Company: Radicle Farm Company grows outstanding living salad greens and aggregates fantastic produce from local farms that do not have a viable marketplace. They provide an alternative to the generic bagged and boxed greens that consumers are accustomed to: salad that is distinct, delicious and fresh.

The Purple Carrot: The Purple Carrot ships healthy ingredients and delicious recipes to busy, health-conscious people, using only whole food plant-based ingredients.