Five Ways Sous Vide Can Level Up Your Holiday Cooking

by Kat Johnson

If you’re an avid home cook, a sous vide tool is one of the items that should be on your wish list this holiday season. Maybe you even want to treat yourself early and put it to use during Thanksgiving! You’ll soon discover the myriad ways it can make your life easier – especially during the holidays, when there are multiple dishes to prepare. Here are five sous vide recipes to add to your holiday repertoire:


Chicken Liver Pâté

I once attended a Friendsgiving where chicken liver pâté was served as an appetizer. Serving this restaurant-level dish makes the gathering feel extra special! If you have a sous vide tool, pâté is actually a breeze to make ahead of time. Add it to a cheese and charcuterie board for bonus points.

Deviled-Hard-Boiled-Egg-02729 (1)

Deviled Eggs

Another way to keep guests happy while you finish up cooking is to provide finger foods. Deviled eggs are one of my family’s favorite appetizers. You can make them ahead of time, but I think they’re better a la minute! However, the last thing you need to worry about when cooking a big meal is boiling, icing, and cracking eggs. The sous vide makes it easy and worry-free. As this ChefSteps blog says, the best deviled eggs are sous vide eggs.


The Turkey

Yep, you can totally go all-in and cook your Thanksgiving turkey with your sous vide tool. You’ll need to break down the turkey the day before, but this method has a few benefits. You’re going to have an extra juicy bird with perfectly cooked light and dark meats, as the recipe is much more forgiving than the oven. Best of all – you’ll be able to use the extra bits to make a stock to use for dressing! So, while you've got to put in a little more effort, this is a super delicious and efficient way to do Thanksgiving.

pumpkinpie_hero (1)

Individual Pumpkin Pies

Ready to breathe new life into traditional holiday pies? When presented in small mason jars, desserts will delight your guests. Not to mention it gives you the ability to prepare them in advance, so you can focus on the main dishes and enjoying the company of your guests. This recipe is for the classic pumpkin pie, but you can also explore more dessert options on ChefSteps’ website.


Jam in a Jar

If you really want to be considered the host-with-the-most (or hostess-with-the-mostess) this year, why not prepare a tasty souvenir for your guests? Just like with your individual desserts, these can be prepared a few days in advance. Plus, they make ideal parting gifts. This recipe for Rhubarb Jam in a Jar is a great place to start, but use whatever fruit looks best at your market or grocery store!

Don’t have a sous vide tool yet? We love Joule by ChefSteps! To get yours, visit and use code HRN to get $15 off for a limited time.

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