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In this episode of Heritage Radio Network on Tour, Halley sits down with Mitch Berliner from MeatCrafters to talk about his retirement project/food endeavor, Skinny Salamis. With over forty years of experience working in the food industry, including a background in charcuterie, Mitch developed Skinny Salamis as a natural, delicious, and portable solution for anyone looking for a high protein, low calorie snack. Mitch explains that unlike most other meat snack and jerky brands, Skinny Salamis don’t include any sugar or preservatives, and are cured rather than dried, so their flavor is closer to traditional salami. MeatCrafters' line of Skinny Salamis include umami-rich flavors like Street Cart Lamb Shawarma, Black Angus Beef, and Pork with Truffles.

Then, Halley talks dairy with Laura Davenport from Tulip Tree Creamery and Jesse Werner from Plymouth Artisan Cheese. The two discuss their backgrounds in cheese, their products, and their cheesemaking practices. The two experts describe their creameries in depth, and offer listeners a glimpse into the life of a modern cheesemaker.  

Next, Caity and Halley sit down with Haden Polseno-Hensley of Red Rooster Coffee Roasters to discuss the trials and tribulations of owning and operating a world-class coffee company based in the 400-person town of Floyd, Virginia. Haden educates listeners about innovative roasting techniques like honey processing, a method that removes the skin of the coffee bean from the fruit prior to drying. Check it out!