HRN Hall of Fame: Greg Blais

Nominated by: HRN OFFICE

Greg Blais hosted over 100 episodes of Cutting the Curd, HRN’s show highlighting all the great work done by cheesemongers. A true expert in the field, Greg has worked as a cheesemonger for Dean & Deluca, Bedford Cheese, Artisanal Bistro, Essex Street Cheese Co., and Eataly. He was also the first American judge in the Concorso Nazionale Dei formaggi a latte crudo.

Appearances on HRN:

Cutting The Curd: Host 2014-2018
Beer Sessions Radio: Cheese And Cider
Cutting The Curd: Certification Program Controversy With Greg Blais
Cutting The Curd: Beer & Cheese With Jimmy Carbone & Greg Blais
Cutting The Curd: Roots Of Cheesemongering With Greg Blais
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