Growing, Making and Composting Sustainably: An Earth Day Playlist

By Alex Tran

Earth Day has returned with ‘Invest in our Planet’ as its theme for 2022. In celebration of the event, listen along to our playlist to learn more about how farmers and fishers are investing in sustainable techniques, how entrepreneurs are upholding green models for growing their businesses, and how individuals can contribute to a greater cause. Episodes gaze into the future at strategies to combat the climate crisis and address what we can do here and now to protect our planet. 

At HRN, we believe that every day is an opportunity to make the world more equitable, sustainable and delicious!

Dyed Green Episode 4: Save the Salmon, Save the World: A conversation with Sally Barnes and Dan Saladino: This episode on Dyed Green we travel around the world with Dan and Sally Barnes, the last wild Irish fish smoker in Ireland, to discuss what we’ve lost in the quest to globalize and industrialize our food system; the ways in which the loss of biodiversity affects what appears on our grocery shelves; the impact of farmed salmon on wild salmon populations; and what we can do as individuals to make an impact beyond the farmers’ market or grocery store.

Beer Sessions Radio Episode 624: Drink Up, Green Up: Sustainability in Brewing and Distilling: As Earth Day approaches, Beer Sessions Radio welcomes two environmental defenders in the brewing world — Michael Kowalski from Berkshire Mountain Distillers and Sean Lawson from Lawson’s Finest Liquids. They will be coaching us on how to take the waste out of getting wasted!

Heritage Radio Network On Tour Episode 400: HRN at SXSW 2022: The Future of Food: Christine Sykes Lowe chats with Que Fagan, MacKenzie Wade, and JaV’on Lattimore: the Co-Organizers of The Future of Food at SXSW.  The Future of Food is a series of activations, discussion and interactive experiences all curated around building more sustainable food systems. 

No Farms No Future Episode 3: How Kentucky Bourbon Can Help Save the Planet: This episode of No Farms No Future will introduce you to farmer Sam Halcomb and American Farmland Trust’s Billy Van Pelt and Scott Franklin. They are three of the many collaborators in the Bluegrass State—including leaders from the distilling industry, University of Kentucky, and many other farmers—who are powering the effort to put Kentucky rye back into the world’s best bourbon. 

Time for Lunch Episode 35: Compost!: This episode on Time For Lunch, Hannah and Harry are getting down and dirty in the smell, but essential world of composting. We hear from Jayne Merner Senecal of Earthcare Farm who is an expert on turning kitchen scraps into gardening gold. The show’s new intern, shares her experience from middle school acting as the cafeteria compost monitor. Plus, we’ve got jokes, music, and a whole heap of fun facts.

Japan Eats! Episode 242: All About Tuna/Maguro (And Sustainability): In this episode, we will discuss how important maguro is in Japanese food culture, the characteristics of different parts of maguro, how  Masamitsu Ishibashi, the president and CEO of Misaki Megumi Suisan, exercises sustainability, and much, much more!

Heritage Radio Network On Tour Episode 396: Changing Agriculture and Improving Flavor with Hickory Nut Gap: Jamie Ager, the owner of North Carolina’s Hickory Nut Gap Meats, and Asher Wright, the company’s Farm Director join HRN’s Caity Moseman Wadler and Dylan Heuer for a conversation that spans from the flavor of their meat to the microbes in their soil. Jamie and Asher share their perspective on the potential of regenerative farming to change agriculture (and the climate) for the better, and discuss what implementing regenerative practices looks like day-to-day. Plus, Jamie and Asher share their favorite recipes using Hickory Nut Gap Meats!

In the Sauce Episode 131: Building Real Sustainability: On this episode of In the Sauce, Ali and her guests, Renewal Mill’s Co-Founder Caroline Cotto and Goldune’s founder Azora Zoe, talk about expanding the consumer perception of sustainability, driving people toward more conscious consumption in a more inclusive way, and what founders can do to build real sustainability into their cultures early on.

Fields Episode 13: Scott Kellogg, Educational Director of the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center: Scott is a scientist, advocate, and educator working at the intersection of social justice and biodiversity conservation. He helps manage the amazing Radix Center in the South End of Albany, NY. Among many other amazing projects that we talk about with Scott, Radix is… growing trees without cloning in order to increase genetic diversity and help protect against pests; planting trees such as paw-paws with climate change in mind; teaching a love for the living environment and an ethic of reciprocity; turning vacant lots into nut orchards; and practicing “compost justice.” Radix is a model for other regions when it comes to connecting urban agriculture, education, and justice. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

The Farm Report Episode 429: One Million Acres for the Future: In this episode, NYFC Land Campaign Director Holly Rippon-Butler talks to host Lisa Held about the factors driving land access challenges, historic and ongoing injustices that make accessing land even more difficult for BIPOC farmers, and the long-term policy solutions NYFC is pushing for.

Meat and Three Episode 137: A Year In Food Policy: Sovereignty, Security, and Sustainability: With the future of food policy looking murky, we turn to experts in the field to help us understand the realities of the bureaucracy surrounding food security, farming rights, and pesticide regulation. We speak to scientists whose research influences the policy we see on the congressional floor. We hear from nonprofits working to navigate the endless maze of food assistance programs and advocate for those on the receiving end. And, we break down the legislation influencing the future of food sovereignty in the US.