Health + Wellness Drive the Conversation at Charleston Wine + Food 2020

For HRN’s fifth year of Charleston Wine + Food coverage, we’re dedicating a full third our programming to conversations around wellness, community support, and how we can work together to make the hospitality industry a place where people can develop healthy, sustainable careers. We are thrilled to team up with Ben’s Friends to bring this content to our audience.

Ben’s Friends is the food and beverage industry support group offering hope, fellowship, and a path forward to professionals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. We will welcome both of Ben’s Friends founders to our podcast studio: Mickey Bakst of Charleston Grill will join us on Saturday, March 7th at 1pm and Steve Palmer of Indigo Road will kick off our Sunday coverage at 12pm.

Along with our friends at Charleston Wine + Food, we recognize that wellness is an all-encompassing movement that includes physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Our conversations on Sunday afternoon will continue to illustrate the many challenges in ‘staying well’ – such as work/life balance, physical fitness, and mental health. See our full lineup here.

Jacob Huder, Kat Johnson, and Steve Palmer at Charleston Wine + Food 2018

You can also listen back to our previous conversations with Steve Palmer at Charleston Wine + Food from 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Charleston Wine + Food is also hosting a variety of events centered around health and wellness, as they seek to create inviting and inclusive places to have open dialogues about how what we eat and what we drink have a direct impact our well-being including Flow + Glow, Bohemian Rhapsody, Gut Punch, Meet You at the Barre, and Restore + Rejuvenate.