Help Us Give Back

Heritage Radio Network is in the midst of its annual summer fund drive. As an independent non-profit organization, listener support makes everything we do– from 35 weekly shows and coverage of nationwide food festivals, to educational programs– possible. To keep our programming going strong, HRN needs to raise $25,000 by July 31st.

We are fundraising because it’s important to HRN that the best in food radio comes to you each week for free. This year, we want to show you how much your contributions mean to us by giving back.

Help Heritage Radio Network raise $25,000 by the end of July by making a donation of any amount today. To honor your contribution, once we reach our goal, HRN’s staff will step away from the office and give a day of service at St. John’s Bread and Life.

st johns

St. John’s Bread & Life is another Brooklyn based nonprofit with deep ties* to HRN. Since 1982, the organization has worked to alleviate hunger and poverty in Brooklyn and Queens, serving nearly 3,000 meals to hungry New Yorkers each day.

The team behind HRN works hard to make food radio and each of us is committed to making the world a more equitable, sustainable, and delicious place.

Our friends at Blue Line Media contributed to support our day of service, join them by donating today and help HRN give back to our community in Brooklyn and continue to tell the food stories that matter most.


*Director emeritus Tony Butler sits on HRN’s board of directors

Image courtesy of St. John’s Bread & Life via Facebook