Heritage Radio Network Partners with Barnraiser

Heritage Radio Network Partners with Barnraiser
Bringing Storytelling and Discovery within the Food Movement Together

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Barnraiser, a social discovery platform covering the food world, is partnering with Heritage Radio Network, the pioneering culinary radio station. Through this partnership, the two hope to continue to grow a strong community of eaters and thinkers, making the world a more delicious place to live. The partnership will bring together Barnraiser Discover, a social platform profiling over 40,000 farmers, food innovators and organizations, with Heritage Radio Network’s rich and diverse collection of food stories. Visitors to Barnraiser will have the ability to listen to over 100 curated interviews conducted by Heritage Radio Network. Content will include programing such as one-on-one interviews with sustainable farmer, Joel Salatin at Polyface Farms and up close and personal conversations with chefs, authors and food entrepreneurs like Regrained.

In this partnership, Barnraiser and Heritage Radio Network will continue to grow a strong community of eaters and thinkers, making the world a more delicious place to live.  Consumers of the $195B good food movement can continue to be fueled by the stories that deepen their connection to the food they are eating with the Barnraiser and Heritage Radio Network partnership, which will perpetuate the hard work many food innovators do on a daily basis. 

“Working with Barnraiser, a site founded by and for the food movement, will allow us to connect with even broader audiences and ensure that conversations about good food and sustainable living are widely discoverable.” said Caity Moseman Wadler, Executive Director of Heritage Radio Network

“Partnering with Heritage Radio Network provides wonderfully entertaining radio storytelling to Barnraiser that supports the local makers and people who are at the forefront of this new food revolution. Their segments really capture the colorful stories of our food heros.” says Eileen Gordon.

About Barnraiser
Barnraiser connects over 40,000 disrupters (artisan food makers, farmers, chefs and tastemakers) to the millions of people demanding better products and services. Barnraiser makes it easy to discover, share and fund the people changing how we farm, eat and live. On the Barnraiser platform, makers and users can discover more of what they love, stay on top of trends, connect with others and receive and provide recommendations. 

About Heritage Radio Network
HRN is an independent, member-supported, 501(c)(3) nonprofit radio station, broadcasting from two recycled shipping containers behind Roberta’s Pizza, a restaurant at the forefront of Brooklyn’s culinary renaissance. Their 40+ hosts invite the most influential, visionary people from brewers and bartenders to pastry chefs, policy makers and more to discuss today’s most vital issues. With over 10,000 episodes in the archive, HRN is the ultimate destination for conversations about what’s going on in the culinary world.

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