In Honor of Slow Food

by Amandha Silva

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HRN has a long history with our friends at Slow Food USA. Since food radio's founding by Patrick Martins in 2009 -- directly inspired by the Slow Food Movement -- HRN has been a platform for thought-provoking conversations about the real issues affecting the global food supply. 

Together, we are dismantling oppressive food systems to achieve good, clean and fair food for all.

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Slow Food is an international non-profit organization that strives to create a world where all people can eat food that is good for them, good for the people who grow it, and good for the planet. It all started when a group of Italians gathered in Rome in front of a fast-food franchise to protest. Instead of throwing rocks or breaking windows, they shared a big bowl of penne pasta while chanting “We don’t want fast food. We want slow food”. 

Currently, Slow Food is present in more than 160 countries, including the United States. HRN was founded in 2009 inspired by the principles of Slow Food, and the two organizations have been longtime collaborators and allies in the pursuit of good, clean, and fair food. To celebrate our partnership, here is a compilation of some of the many stories HRN has produced showcasing the thought leaders, artisans, and activists behind Slow Food.


Meat + Three Episode 10: Slow Food 
This episode highlights the best of what happened in the Slow Food Nations 2018 – a festival of flavor, culture and exploration organized by Slow Food USA. That year’s gathering focused on identifying tangible solutions to problems in the food system and developing specific actionable items for positive change. We bring you three interview excerpts that embody the new Slow Food USA manifesto: Equity, Inclusion, and Justice.

HRN On Tour Episode 158: Mona Esposito at Slow Food Nations 2018
Mona Esposito is co-founder of Noble Grain Alliance, a non-profit aimed at restoring heritage grains to Colorado and supporting and recreating the network of farmers, millers, and makers needed to make a regional grain economy thrive. She works with growers, chefs, bakers, and consumers as a heritage grain consultant. With degrees in art history and linguistics, a career in photography, and an Italian mother, Mona was perfectly poised for a life of travel, food, and wine. She is as at home in the garden as in the kitchen and was raised with the notion of food and place.

Eating Matters Episode 138: Snailblazer, Trailblazer
Naama Tamir, co-owner of Lighthouse and Lighthouse Outpost, was named as Slow Food NYC's 2019 "Snailblazer," a designation granted to change-makers committed to creating a better food system. Her work exemplifies the big impact that one small business can have on a broader goal of good, clean, fair food for all. In this episode, she joins host Jenna Liut in the studio to discuss the various sustainability and labor initiatives underway at both of her Brooklyn and NYC-based restaurants.

HRN On Tour Episode 278: Kevin Mitchell is Writing the Book on Southern Food at Slow Food Nations 2019
Chef Kevin Mitchell sat down with Kat Johnson to talk about food of the African Diaspora, the new project on Southern cuisine he’s working on with Dr. David Shields, and why we still need more African-American representation in culinary schools, restaurants, and food media.

A Taste of the Past Episode 334: Grave Case of the Gravenstein: Saving an Heirloom Apple
In 2005, Slow Food USA declared the 17th century Gravenstein apple a heritage food. But despite the efforts of several organizations to preserve this historically important apple, it is now listed on the Slow Food’s Ark of Taste as an endangered American food. Why has such a flavorful fruit fallen out of favor? The attributing factors are several and, fortunately, so are it's supporters. Joining host Linda Pelaccio to discuss the Gravenstein apple's perilous future are Chris Mittelstaedt, a produce expert and Founder & CEO of The based in San Francisco, and Rebecca North, Director of Quality and Supply Chain at The FruitGuys.

HRN On Tour Episode 143: Paolo Di Croce at Slow Food Nations 2018
Paolo Di Croce, graduated in Environmental Engineering at the University of Turin and began working for Slow Food in 1998 to coordinate its projects – such as the Ark of Taste and Presidia – in defense of the environment and biodiversity. From 2003 to 2006 Paolo served as the General Secretary of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. In 2004 Paolo served as the President of the Committee for Terra Madre. Since 2005, Paolo is the Secretary General of the Terra Madre Foundation and serves as International Secretary of the Slow Food International Board of Directors, the highest governing body of Slow Food International.

Inside Julia’s Kitchen Episode 44: Meet Patrick Martins
In this episode, host Todd Schulkin speaks to Slow Food USA and Heritage Radio Network founder and all-around innovator Patrick Martins. They discuss the network’s origin story and debate the merits of slow versus local and how meat eating can become more sustainable. 

HRN On Tour Episode 86:  Alice Waters: Coming To My Senses
Don’t miss this interview with the iconic Alice Waters: culinary trailblazer, prolific author, founder of Edible Schoolyard and Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, and decorated hero of the good food movement.  Alice joins HRN Executive Director Caity Moseman Wadler live in the HRN studio to discuss her newest book, Coming to My Senses: The Making of a Counterculture Cook, her work with Edible Schoolyard, and other stories from her life.

HRN Happy Hour Episode 77: Ana Mulé Wants You to Plant a Seed

Anna Mulé, the Interim Executive Director of Slow Food USA joins us to talk about Plant a Seed and Slow Food Nations. We also have a special call in from Chef Greg Collier of Charlotte's Uptown Yolk for a preview of Springer Mountain Farm's Campfire Confessionals at Charleston Wine + Food.

HRN on Tour Episode 70: In Praise of Ancient Grains at Slow Food Nations 2017
The gluten intolerance of our stomachs has given rise to innumerable chemical replacements for commodity wheat. Can this demand also generate interest in heritage staple grains, like millet, teff and buckwheat? In Praise of Ancient Grains chats with panel Glenn Roberts, Chris Bianco, Chad Robertson, and Steve Jones to educate us on the thousands of varieties of ancient grains and how we can not only reincorporate these forgotten foods back into the American diet, but also conduct more research on these highly nutritious grains within the fields of science and nutrition.