How to Feed Your Dog Like You Feed Yourself

When we first met Erica Harte, the proud pet parent of Italian Greyhound and Chihuahua mix Baxter and the subject of our second episode of our Like Farmer, Like Dog podcast, she was still navigating how to balance Baxter’s picky palate with his nutritional needs. Though she had taken care of him for two years by that point, Baxter’s rescue background had him accustomed to a less-than-ideal diet.

So we gifted Erica with a bag of PRISTINE™ Grain Free Free-Range Chicken Recipe Sausages from Castor & Pollux to help get Baxter’s palette geared more towards healthier, more wholesome food. Though considered “treats,” these nuggets are made with free-range chicken as the #1 ingredient and do not have grain, corn, wheat or gluten ingredients.  

Needless to say, Baxter was instantly hooked.

DSC_0501 DSC_0512

Erica had also mentioned that Baxter had a taste for sweet potatoes, which, combined with his taste for the PRISTINE™ Grain Free Free-Range Chicken Recipe Sausages, told us he would enjoy the PRISTINE™ Grain Free Free-Range Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe With Raw Bites.


With all of that free-range chicken and organic sweet potato goodness, we’re pretty confident Baxter is going to be a fan of his healthy new diet.

Check out our Like Farmer, Like Dog podcast to hear more about Baxter and his past life as a farm dog in Maine!