HRN at Bonnaroo – Kitchen Confidential: “Never Have I Ever”

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Join Heritage Radio Network and a line-up of Bonnaroo’s most fun food and beverage personalities with our favorite our drinking game, “Never Have I Ever.”  Drinks in hand, we’ll test our theory that food professionals really do have more fun. From the most outrageous things our contestants have seen in the kitchen, to their most insane food-related disasters, get the full story from our seasoned panelist pros.


Moderated by Sarah McKeen

This panel was recorded live at Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival 2016. Special thanks to Laura Sohn, Director of Sustainability and James Keene, Solar Stage Manager for making these recordings possible.

Thanks also to Alexes McLaughlin and Caitlin Pierce for their on-site support.

[caption id="attachment_37445" align="aligncenter" width="640"]IMG_0051 Left to right: Zach McGrath (Glasserie), Allison Hamlin (Swig + Swallow), Sarah McKeen (HRN), Matt Buttel (Nashville Ice Lab/USBG)[/caption]

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