HRN at RAW WINE 2022: Carignan, Complexity, and Rising Costs

With fairs around the globe, RAW WINE is the world’s largest community of low-intervention organic, biodynamic and natural wines, their growers & makers, and those who love drinking them. When the festival came to Brooklyn in March 2022, HRN was in the Speaker's Corner to interview, engage with, and record conversations among the producers of eclectic beverages. Listen in on discussions about Carignan and Croatian wine, explore the complexity of non-alcoholic wine, and learn more about the similarities between wine and cider. Join The Grape Nation's Sam Benrubi, Hard Core's Dylan Heuer, and connoisseurs from around the world.

HRN at RAW WINE 2022: The Rising Cost of Natural Wine: RAW Wine Creator Isabelle Legeron, MW hosts Marc Barriot (Clot de l'Origine), Megan Bell (Margins Wine), Didier Pariente (Nomadic Distribution), and Alvaro de la Viña (Selections de la Viña), as the group discusses the current challenges to wine producers around the world. The panel covers everything from the costs of producing wine, such as sourcing ingredients and equipment, to the slew of shipping and storage issues winemakers are facing today.

HRN at RAW WINE 2022: Creating Complexity without Alcohol: Sam Benrubi of The Grape Nation moderates a panel with Sancho Rodriguez (AMA Brewery), Graham Pirtle (Unified Ferments), two experts in creating complex flavors without alcohol. Sancho Rodriguez of the Basque region of Spain details his journey from farming to fermentation, while Graham recounts a fateful job posting at a teahouse in NYC that helped him bring his bartending knowledge to a new field.

HRN at RAW WINE 2022: Exploring the Natural Wines of Dalmatia: The Grape Nation host Sam Benrubi chats with Kreso Petrekovic of Vinas Mora, and Marko Kovac of Domaine Bibich, of Dalmatia, Croatia. A historic wine region in the South of Croatia, wine has been produced in Dalmatia for thousands of years. This panel discusses the state of the Natural Wine that is being produced in the region today.

HRN at RAW WINE 2022: Carignan 101: Before the rise of Merlot, Carignan was the most planted wine varietal in France. Join moderator Courtney Schiessl of SevenFifty, as she explores what this varietal has to offer with Ferran Lacruz Bosch (Bodega Clandestina), William Allen (Two Shepherds), and France Crispeels (Vignoble Reveille). 

HRN at RAW WINE 2022: What's happening in Austria?: We are kicking off our coverage of RAW WINE NYC with a look at what's happening in Austria, moderated by Pascaline Lepeltier. Pascaline is joined by Stefan Wellanschitz (Kolfok), Adriana González (Lichtenberger González), and  Leopold Uibel (Weinhof Uibel) to discuss how microclimates and soil differences affect the various wine producing regions in Austria. 

HRN at RAW WINE 2022: Understanding Fine Wine, made from Apples: Hard Core producer Dylan Heuer interviews Jacques Perritaz of Cidrerie du Vulcain in Gruyère, Switzerland and Benoit Lesuffleur of Domaine Lesuffleur in Normandy, France. They share the stories behind their ciders and dive deep into apple varieties, biodiversity and heritage. Plus they discuss consumer differences in Europe versus the U.S. and what they want winemakers to know.

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