Jerry Umansky

<h2>HRN Hall of Fame: Jeremy Umansky</h2>

Nominated by: Feast Yr Ears

Jeremy Umansky is the chef and co-owner of Larder: a curated delicatessen & bakery in Cleveland. Much of the inspiration for the food at Larder was taken from Umansky’s grandmother, a kosher caterer. Jeremy has been working with fermentation, specifically koji and other fungal molds, and has become known as one of the world’s foremost experts on the subject. He has pushed the envelope on what it means to have a deli.

Appearances on HRN:
<a href=””target=”_blank”>Meant To Be Eaten: How A Japanese Mold Inoculated The Modern Jewish Deli</a><br>
<a href=””target=”_blank”>Japan Eats: Koji: The Mother Of Japanese Fermentation</a><br>