Join Wisconsin Cheese for the First Art of Cheese Festival!

ART OF CHEESE FESTIVALDo you love cheese? Are you constantly obsessing over the perfect cheese board, scouring your neighborhood for the greatest cheese shops, or reading about how the best cheeses are made? Then you won't want to miss Wisconsin Cheese's first cheese festival, Art of Cheese from September 29 - October 1, 2023!

The Art of Cheese Festival, taking place in and around Madison, WI, is Wisconsin's first festival to celebrate the world's most enthusiastic cheese lovers. A longtime supporter of HRN, Wisconsin Cheese is passionate about spotlighting dairy farmers and honoring the longtime cheesemaking tradition in Wisconsin. 

The complete event lineup is for the truly cheese obsessed. Highlights from the 16 ticketed events include:

  • Excursions to creameries and farms as well as meetings with cheese makers and award-winning chefs
  • The Wisconsin Cheese Ball at Garver Feed Mill, where you can dance, party, and sample some of the best cheeses Wisconsin has to offer
  • Classes and seminars, featuring James Beard Award-winning author Laura Werlin, cheese expert Liz Thorpe, James Beard Award-nominated Luke Zahm, and more
  • Cheese Fair and Marketplace, a one-stop shop for sampling and purchasing new and familiar cheeses

 Space is limited, so get your tickets today at

Check out the playlist below, which includes a sampling of recent episodes supported by Wisconsin Cheese!


Takashi Sato is the 8th generation family member of Sanjirushi Jozo in Mie Prefecture and the president of San-J International in the U.S. Sanjirushi Jozo has been making soy sauce and miso since 1804, and in 1978 the company decided to expand its business to the U.S. Now, 45 years later, San-J is one of the most familiar soy sauce brands in the U.S.


Trevor Warmedahl, the 2022 Daphne Zepos Teaching Endowment Award winner, is known as the "Milk_Trekker" by his popular instagram and YouTube handle. Trevor is a real life nomadic herdsman, cheese maker, writer, and educator who has traveled to remote areas of the world studying different coagulation and rennet practices while embracing regenerative grazing and sustainable livestock practices.


Join Nicole & Z as they tell the tales of Italy’s finest, Chef Boyardee, and the sexy history of Puttanesca! 


Embark on another exciting on-location adventure with Jimmy in Boston's Time Out Market. Explore a vibrant beer scene with three local guests: Forrest Pettengill from Aeronaut Brewing, Brandon Keating from Trillium Brewing, and Matt Harding, assistant manager of Time Out Market Boston.


Anthropologist and registered dietician Annie Koempel discusses her research on the sociality of eating behaviors in conversation with Gastronomica’s Jaclyn Rohel. Drawing on her latest article, available in Gastronomica’s Summer 2023 issue, Annie explains the differences between disordered eating, eating disorders, and dieting. 


Lino Yerima Asana is a Cameroonian American filmmaker currently living in New Orleans. Zella and Lino talk about his latest documentary in production that looks at the legacy of the 1978 Creole Feast Cookbook written by Dr. Rudy Joseph Lombard and Chef Nathaniel Burton.


Rodolfo Guzmán, a Chilean chef who opened Boragó in Santiago in 2006, is known for his sustainable approach rooted in southern Chile’s ingredients and indigenous culture. Boragó earned Latin America's inaugural 50 Best Sustainable Restaurant Award in 2018 from the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and the Flor de Cana Sustainable Restaurant Award in 2021.



Todd Schulkin welcomes Shari Bayer, a culinary and hospitality PR specialist and the host of the All in the Industry podcast on Heritage Radio Network. They discuss Shari’s long-running podcast and her new book, Chefwise: Life Lessons from Leading Chefs Around the World.