Late Summer Send Off

By: Zoe Denckla


This summer held so many possibilities and open questions. Would the world return to normal? Would it be the unleashing of a year and a half of pent up energy? And what would this all mean for shops, restaurants, and bars? Now, with the arrival of late August, how will this all shift again with transition to fall?


This playlist takes stock of how the food world has shifted this summer from the uptick in nightlife, to new restaurant openings, and the creation of more collaborative culinary spaces. Many promised this would be the summer to go wild and we’re savoring these final days of the season with ideas for dinner parties and tips for food and beverage pairings. 


Meat and Three Episode 122: Summer Guide: Dinner Parties, To-Go Cocktails, and Local AgPandemic restrictions are easing and things are changing quickly. We can eat indoors at restaurants again and host dinner parties. It’s exciting to go back to some of our favorite activities, but it can also be nerve-wracking. There might even be some pandemic-era changes that are worth keeping around. We bring you Meat and Three’s survival guide for re-entering society. We offer dinner parties tips, look at what reopening restaurants might mean for communities, examine the abrupt end of to-go cocktails in New York, and consider the importance of continued support for local agriculture. 

Beer Sessions Episode 589: Sipping on Summer Beer and Pig TrottersSummer is in full swing! On the show is Angela Steil, Advanced Cicerone in NYC; Chef Richard Knight from London, England; and Emree Woods from Rightside Brewing in Lawrenceville, GA. With Angela, we explore beer and barbecue pairing. If you’re looking for something non-alcoholic, Emree has some ideas for summertime drinks. Richard dives into some of his dishes, like pork belly and rabbit paella. To wrap things up, Jimmy learns a bit more about nonalcoholic beers from Angela and Emree, who explain how pairings depend more on carbonation than alcohol. 

Opening Soon Episode 82: A New Kind of Hospitality Community Space with Libby Willis of KITNow more than ever chefs and entrepreneurs are finding new ways to get their business off the ground, being immensely creative to minimize their risk while generating a name for themselves. Working together and collaborating has been a way, in recent years, for the culinary world to grow and share audiences. A more permanent collaboration can be a way to share the burden of overhead costs associated with business operations. One such business or collective is doing just that. KIT, in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, is bringing together food businesses in one space to share their communities and further their concept. Our guest today is Libby Willis, who you probably know as the co-founder of the beloved restaurant and queer community space, Meme’s Diner. Libby introduced KIT in the former Meme’s space this past June.

Feast Meets West Episode 89: Falansai 2.0 ft. Eric TranEric Tran didn’t set out to open a restaurant during a pandemic, but here we are. Eric took over the lease for Falansai and now operates the Bushwick restaurant as a reimagined 2.0 version, making his interpretation of delicious Vietnamese dishes with a focus on whole animal butchery and seasonally and locally sourced ingredients. We talk about the food, what it was like to open with a takeout and delivery focus to start, and what’s in store for Falansai as the city reopens

The Big Food Question Episode 41: What Will it Take to Bring Back New York City’s Nightlife Industry?New York City’s mandated lockdown presented overwhelming challenges for bars, clubs, and restaurants in New York City. The city’s nightlife industry is made up of 25,000 establishments that support nearly 300,000 jobs with $13.1 billion in wages, and $35 billion in economic activity. Many of these businesses turned to NYC’s Office of Nightlife for guidance and support during the pandemic. The Office of Nightlife (part of Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment) is a liaison between NYC’s nightlife industry and all other City agencies. Its purpose is to help establish and coordinate systemic solutions to support the nighttime economy, culture, and quality of life. In this episode we hear from Rafael Espinal, who sponsored the bill to create the Office of Nightlife in 2017, and Ariel Palitz, the office’s first Senior Executive Director who has played a big role in guiding the industry through Covid-19’s myriad impacts.

Meat and Three Episode 124: Bringing the Heat: Hot Sauce, Hot Dogs and Record-High TemperaturesFrom hot sauce to hot temperatures, in this episode, Meat and Three is bringing the heat. We talk about premium peppers from China’s Sichuan province and visit a Bay Area tea shop to see what we can learn about staying cool. We bring you a story from a beach in Brooklyn famous for its classic summertime snack and take a hard look at how climate change is affecting growers in the Pacific Northwest.

Eat Your Heartland Out Episode 25: County and State Fairs: An American TraditionThis episode celebrates the spirit of summer through the time-honored tradition of county and state fairs. There is nothing quite as American, or Midwestern for that matter, than the county fair. We dive into the history behind the agricultural fair and how fairs have both changed and stayed the same over the years. We dig into the cultural essence of county fairs. Finally, we examine the impact stories behind food play in state fair recipe competitions. Fairs are much more than fried Oreos on a stick or butter sculptures. They’re about community.