Legacy and Inclusion, From “Black Mixcellence” to The Hue Society

Black professionals have a long legacy of making delectable beverages despite being underrepresented and often overlooked. Tamika Hall, co-author of Black Mixcellence: A Comprehensive Guide to Black Mixology is working to correct for whitewashed accounts of history, and she’s one of many leaders today making the drinks industry more inclusive.

This playlist highlights initiatives like professional hubs, donated sales, land sharing, and intentional product curation that are making the beverage space a more welcoming place to work, as well as the people behind these efforts.

The Speakeasy Episode 486: Black Mixcellence: Tamika Hall, co-author of Black Mixcellence: A Comprehensive Guide to Black Mixology sits down with the band to talk about the long-lost legacies of Black mixologists old and new… and the complicated legacy of the word “mixology” in the first place.

The Grape Nation Episode 211: Tahiirah Habibi, Hue Society: Philly-born, Penn State grad Tahiirah Habibi returned to Philly to study wine, eventually heading to Miami to Somm at the St. Regis Bal Harbor and Michael's Genuine. Trying to further her studies with the Court of Master Sommeliers, her frustration with the Court caused her to leave and start Hue Society, a hub for Black wine professionals. Tahiirah Habibi is a Sommelier, Entrepreneur, and Activist. She is also the co-founder of The Roots Fund and founder of the Council of Resources Group.

Beer Sessions Radio Episode 541: 950 Breweries and Counting: The Black is Beautiful Stout: Host Jimmy welcomes Marcus Baskerville the founder of Weathered Souls Brewing and the creator of the Black is Beautiful Stout, a collaboration centered on racial justice that has reached nearly 1,000 breweries worldwide. Marcus initially thought he would just make the stout at his own brewery but challenged himself to think bigger. He talks about the whirlwind he has experienced since launching the project on a large scale. Also joining the conversation to talk about their relationship to the collaboration is Jesse Ferguson of Interboro Spirits and Ales, Alisa Bowens-Mercado of Rhythm Brewing, and Matt Tanaka of Stout Collective. Together they discuss the stout recipe itself, the value in raising money as well as awareness, and what the future holds for diversifying the beer industry.

Hard Core Episode 7: Getting Back To The Land: This episode begins its journey into the world of cider at the root. Before labeling, bottling, and fermentation, all cider starts out on the tree. We can’t talk about farming in the US without talking about land access. According to a 2017 report from the USDA, of over 3 million farms assessed, 95% of farm producers in this country are white and 65% of all farmers identify as male. The lack of representation in farming results in the same deficit in the world of cider making. In the season two premiere, we’re going to learn about some individuals and organizations who are working to rebalance, repair, and regrow.

Heritage Radio Network on Tour Episode 375: Cocktail Culture and Community with Shannon Mustipher, Johnny Caldwell, and Taneka Reaves at Charleston Wine + Food 2022: Shannon Mustipher and The Cocktail Bandits come together for a conversation about how the pandemic has affected cocktail culture, the meaning of tiki, and how they strive to make a positive impact in the beverage space. They have tips for those just starting to experiment with at-home mixology, as well as stories about extravagant bar build-outs and collections. 

Shannon Mustipher is a cocktail consultant, spirits educator, and the author of Tiki: Modern Tropical Cocktails. After launching a Caribbean rum-focused bar at Gladys Caribbean in 2014, she went on to found Women Who Tiki, a tropical cocktail-centric pop-up that gathers a team of women bartenders to share their talents and collaborate on creating a one-night-only experience. Johnny Caldwell and Taneka Reaves comprise the dynamic duo known as the Cocktail Bandits. They promote female empowerment through advocacy for the food and beverage community through a self-titled blog, events in the Holy City and beyond, and their book, Holy Spirits! Charleston Culture Through Cocktails.

The Grape Nation Episode 224: Kilolo Strobert: Brooklyn’s own Kilolo Strobert is a true Crown Heights Affair. After attending high school on the Upper West Side, culinary school at Johnson and Wales, her love of wine, hospitality, helping friends with wine pairings and recos, solidly pushed her into wine. She has worked all aspects of the business including retail at Morrell and Le Du’s and Fresh Direct, the Hotel Parker Meridien, Zagat and more. 18 years ago, she took a job at a wine store in Prospect Park, today she is now the owner of that same store, Fermented Grapes. Kilolo is committed to wines that are natural, highlight diversification, globalization, women, and the BIPOC winemaking community.

Inside Julia’s Kitchen Episode 102: Meet TJ Douglas: Host Todd Schulkin welcomes TJ Douglas of Boston’s Urban Grape wine shop. Todd and TJ discuss reinventing how wine is sold and making wine appreciation easier. They also explore the effects Black Lives Matter movement; TJ shares how he felt supported by community members near and far and how he too has worked to support Black- and Brown-owned wineries and distilleries through his store.

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