Legitimize Your Taco with Real Tortillas

[audio mp3="https://heritageradionetwork.org/sites/default/files/wp-uploads/2015/10/Culinary-Legitimize-Your-Taco-with-Real-Tortillas.mp3"][/audio]

Founder and CEO of Hot Bread Kitchen, Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez, dishes on the real pleasure of corn tortillas on Episode 255 of The Food Seen, with host Michael Harlan Turkell. HBK’s traditional nixtamal corn tortillas, made from freshly ground masa, are a  signature bread of this innovative multi-ethnic bakery.  Learn more about how one of their “Bakers in Training” shared her family recipe, and taught her fellow trainees how to use a tortilla press she brought with her across the Rio Grande.  
Listen to the full episode here.


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