The Many Avenues of Food Entrepreneurship

The paths to success in the food industry are wide and varied. For entrepreneurs, the range of options is especially tantalizing. From packaged goods to restaurants, cheesemaking to food processing, training programs to purchasing positions, the allure of converting an idea into a flourishing food business draws in those ready to accept the risk of uncertainty for the reward of success. We explore the journey of several entrepreneurs in this playlist made possible by Wisconsin Cheese.

Wisconsin Cheese recognizes the challenges inherent in launching a new business, big or small. They are a long-time supporter of innovation and entrepreneurship, empowering generations of cheese makers across Wisconsin to achieve excellence in their craft and world-wide recognition for their products. 

Thank you to Wisconsin Cheese for their support of entrepreneurs and HRN.

Cutting the Curd Episode 480: Alpinage - A New Cheesemaker! and a Frenchman Found in Wisconsin: We talk with Orphee, an up-and-coming cheesemaker who has been studying cheesemaking for the last few years and wants to make a true French Raclette in Wisconsin. We review the challenges behind this process and the drive it takes to make it happen. 

Let’s Talk About Food Episode 46: Young Guns: Jack Barber of Mainely Burgers: The best -- and the worst -- thing about food businesses is that it seems so easy to begin one. And it is not. Guests Jack Barber and his brother Max started Mainely Burgers over 10 years ago as green college kids looking for summer jobs. Now they are full-fledged entrepreneurs. Bravo to them!

In the Sauce Episode 147: Building Where People are Looking for You: Jake Kneller is Co-founder and CEO of Sweet Nothings, a CPG brand focused on creating truly-good-for-you snacks, starting with their line of frozen spoonable smoothie cups. On this episode of ITS, Jake and Ali talk about how Sweet Nothings used consumer insights to not only help them rebrand but to move their placement in the grocery store freezer... which then grew velocity. A LOT! 

Item 13: An African Food Episode 68: Changing Narratives Africa Fellow Chichi Eriobu of Phronesis Foods: Celebrating the Ukwa Fruit: Item 13 is showcasing stories from the inaugural class of Changing Narratives Africa Fellowship, a highly selective program for African food entrepreneurs who are ready to scale their brands into global markets. This episode’s guest is Chichi Eriobu, the Founder and CEO of Phronesis Foods Nigeria Limited, a globally-growing food processing, packaging and export company, creating new food product lines from existing raw materials. An award-winning entrepreneur selected for multiple business grants opportunities, Chichi is teaching other small businesses how to leverage grant funding for their business growth with her first eBook, How to Pitch Your Business. Chichi’s vision is to build a globally recognized solution-based business, and impact other young entrepreneurs with the investment of her personality. 

Opening Soon Episode 90: Dacha 46- A Pop Up That Is Here to Stay: Are pop-ups here to stay? According to our guests today, YES! They are doing just that with their Eastern European cuisine, and building their pop-up and frozen Pelmeni business, Dacha 46, from the ground up after a successful run of pop-ups, including a term at our previous guest, Libby Lark’s community space, KIT.

All in the Industry Episode 313: Beatrice Stein, Beatrice Stein Hospitality Consulting; Hospitality Pathways: Shari Bayer's guest is Beatrice Stein, Founder and CEO of Beatrice Stein Hospitality Consulting; and Founder and Program Director of Hospitality Pathways, training the next generation of hospitality professionals. A New York City-based restaurant consultant and strategist with decades of training and development experience, Beatrice’s mission has been to deliver high-quality training programs that empower clients to reach the highest level of hospitality and productivity for their operations. 

In the Sauce Episode 141: Building the Rubyverse: Noah Wunsch is the founder of Ruby, a new, super creative line of organic hibiscus water. Noah and Ali talk about the value of going beyond what we’ve come to think of building a brand identity, how brands need to take time figuring out where we can provide value, and why founders should seek comfort in knowing the odds are against us. 

The Speakeasy Episode 454: Branding Brandy: Jennifer Querbes of Brandy Sainte Louise dials in with Greg and Sother to talk about launching a brand to 19th century specs, women in distilling, and starting a French brandy label as a blond lady from Texas. 

In the Sauce Episode 145: Building With the “Buyer Buddha:” Wade Yenny is the Director of Grocery for Jimbo’s, San Diego’s Premier Natural and Organic Food Store, and has over 25 years of experience in all areas of retail including operations, merchandising, procurement, and category management. Wade and Ali talk about the state of the grocery store in 2022, what his sales strategy would be if he were building a brand, and why as founders we should remember what it's like to buy a car. 

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