Marc Vetri

HRN Hall of Fame: Marc Vetri

Nominated by: Snacky Tunes

Marc Vetri has been an inspiration to Snacky Tunes since day one. He is the chef/founder of Philadelphia’s critically acclaimed Vetri Cucina, and is known the world over for bringing a bold, contemporary sensibility to classic Italian cooking. His dedication to craft, mixed with his humility, plus being a dyed-in-the-wool Eagles fan, is why Snacky Tunes believes his name should anoint the HRN Hall of Fame. These hosts dream about his pastas, and he was also the very first chef to play live on Snacky Tunes, so by that alone he is a legend.

Appearances on HRN:

Snacky Tunes: Creativity & The Art Of Pizza
The Line: Chef Marc Vetri
Icc 30X30: Marc Vetri
Snacky Tunes: Marc Vetri, Phil Roy & Daedelus