HRN Hall of Fame: Michael Harlan Turkell

Photo by Shannon Sturgis

Nominated by: HRN OFFICE

Michael Harlan Turkell is an acclaimed food photographer and podcast host. He’s been included in 25 Under 25: Up-and-Coming American Photographers V2, (PowerHouse Books), and has had his photos printed in an array of publications and cookbooks. In 2017, Turkell wrote and photographed his first cookbook, “ACID TRIP: Travels in the World of Vinegar”, which won the IACP award for Culinary Travel Writing. He’s also hosted more than 350 episodes of HRN’s The Food Seen, plus HRN’s special series Modernist Bread Crumbs, and one season of Food52’s Burnt Toast. Michael also founded SUMO STEW, the Japanese-inspired event series that serves delicious food and streams sumo matches from the grand tournaments in Japan to different cities in the USA.

Appearances on HRN:

The Food Seen: Host 2010-Present
Heritage Radio Network On Tour: The Food Seen @ Iacp 2019 With Annamaria Brezna Of Dolina Cafe & Bakery, Santa Fe, Nm
Modernist Breadcrumbs: Host 2017-2018
Beer Sessions Radio: Brewers Association Pregame
Japan Eats!: Acid Trip To Japan
Heritage Radio Network On Tour: Good Food Mercantile 2018: Render Food
Heritage Radio Network On Tour: Good Food Mercantile 2018: Burn Hot Sauce
Cutting The Curd: Book Review: Acid Trip
Tech Bites: Nathan Myhrvold On Modernist Bread
A Taste Of The Past: Vinegar: The Alchemy Of Acid
Eat Your Words: Acid Trip
Fresh Pickings: Muesli
Japan Eats!: Sumo Stew!!!
Heritage Radio Network On Tour: “Feast Yr Seen” At The Good Food Mercantile
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